La Charly Gaul


La 29ème Charly Gaul is organized by the ACC Contern on Sunday, September 2, 2018. It is a cyclosport-race (brevet cyclosportif) authorized by the Luxemburg Cycling Federation (FSCL) and is open for every cyclist older than 14 years.
Each participant has to fill out a registration form and pay the registration fees, which contain the participation costs as well as the security and food and drinks on the course.

The registration form can be filled in and posted on our internet, or can be send by post, fax or e-mail. It can also be remitted personally at the handing out of the back-numbers before the race in Echternach.

Payment of the fees at a reduced price is only possible in case of advance payment, per credit card at the registration on our internet site, or per bank transfer on the account number LU48 0020 1417 6800 0000 of ACC Contern at BILLLULL. The fees can also be paid at the full price, cash on Saturday or Sunday before the race.

Reimbursement conditions in case of advance payement and non-participation are following: please send an e-mail with your name and your bank account to before Thursday, August 30, 2018. After August 30, 2018, only messages with a medical certification will be taken in account for a reimbursement. The organizer has the right to decide about a possible reimbursement or not.

By his registration, each participant aknowledges the present regulations If these rules are not followed by any participant, he can be disqualified.
The riders are considered as normal traffic participants and have to apply strictly to the traffic regulations. If they don't, they will be responsible for any possible caused damage. The organizer is not responsible for any damage The participants have to wear a helmet during the entire race.
Insurances have to be contracted by the participants on their own. The organizer is not responsible for any damage caused by an accident
The course will be indicated by signs and has to be followed strictly. Random controls can be performed on the course. A rider that has not passed at a check point will not be listed in the regular result lists.
The participants have to fix at the front of their bike the chip number that they receive from the organizer. The transponder that it contains helps to establish the classifications and to do controls on the course
Each participant has to cross the start line after the official start in order to be listed in the result list. Times are taken at the start/finish line.
Following the rules of the ministry for transport, riders that are more than 1 hour behind the leader will be informed by a car of the organizer ("FIN DE COURSE"). At that moment, the streets and crossroads will no longer be guarded by the police or race marshalls, but the riders can of course finish the race according to the traffic regulations. If they do so, they will appear on the result list.
Assistance cars are not allowed on the course. Participants that are followed by support cars will be disqualified.
Participation diplomas can be downloaded after the race via Internet on
The ACC Contern collects and registers personal data that the participant (rider or volunteer) transmits in an active way at his registration for "La Charly Gaul".

This personal data is used mainly for establishing and editing start lists, result lists and diplomas before, during or after the competition. The data is also used to establish task lists for volunteers as well as statistics on age, gender or geographic origin of the participants, to contact the participant in case of problem and to send him informations related to "La Charly Gaul" or other events organized by the ACC Contern.

By providing his personal data, the participant authorizes the ACC Contern to use them and to transmit them to third parties for the above cited use. In no case is the ACC Contern allowed to provide the data to third parties for other reasons than the ones cited above.

The persons whose personal data is collected by the ACC Contern have the right to obtain informations about the saved data. They can ask a copy of the data or require modification or deletion of it. They can also deny or impose some restrictions to the use of the data.

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