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The ACC Contern collects and registers personal data that the participant (rider or volunteer) transmits in an active way at his registration for "La Charly Gaul".

This personal data is used mainly for establishing and editing start lists, result lists and diplomas before, during or after the competition. The data is also used to establish task lists for volunteers as well as statistics on age, gender or geographic origin of the participants, to contact the participant in case of problem and to send him informations related to "La Charly Gaul" or other events organized by the ACC Contern.

By providing his personal data, the participant authorizes the ACC Contern to use them and to transmit them to third parties for the above cited use. In no case is the ACC Contern allowed to provide the data to third parties for other reasons than the ones cited above.

The persons whose personal data is collected by the ACC Contern have the right to obtain informations about the saved data. They can ask a copy of the data or require modification or deletion of it. They can also deny or impose some restrictions to the use of the data.

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