La 19ème Charly Gaul 
September 7, 2008 in Echternach
course changes
just like every year, La 19ème Charly Gaul knows some course changes as the
preparations goes on, mostly due to traffic works
1. compared to the course in the official booklet, the part situated between the  
km 55/123 (Bettendorf) and the km 70/138 (Haller) has been changed as follows
Old version New version
Place Road Place Road
Bettendorf N19 Bettendorf (FOOD) CR357
Moestroff côte de Hierzenhaff (1,8 km at 7,2 %)
Reisdorf (FOOD) CR128 Keiwelbach CR358
côte de Beaufort (3,5 km at 6,6 %) Ermsdorf CR356
Beaufort côte de Grevenhaff (2,6 km at 6,5 %)
Beaufort-château (0,6 km at 6,7 %) Savelborn CR358
Haller Haller CR128
2. the last two kilometers have also seen some changes
compared to previously released versions
Old version New version
Place Road Place Road
Echternach Echternach 
cycle track PC3 cycle track PC3
rue du Pont N11 border bridge "Echternacherbrück"
rue de Wasserbillig rue du Pont
rue Hooveleck rue de la Montagne
rue de la Montagne place du Marché (Finish)
place du Marché
3. between the kilometers 121 and 131 (resp. 53 and 63), the course has changed
 once again due to road works in Bettendorf
Old version New version
Place Road Place Road
Bleesbreck N19 Bleesbreck N17
Bettendorf (FOOD) CR357 Gilsdorf (FOOD) CR356
côte de Hierzenhaff (1,8 km at 7,2 %) côte de Broderbourg (2,4 km at 6,1 %)
Kéiwelbach CR358 crossroads to Folkendange
Ermsdorf Ermsdorf
4. The FOOD ZONES have also been changed, in order to be more equally
 placed over the course. They are now defined as follows:
Course A Course B
Place km Place km
1. Groesteen 37 1. Groesteen 37
2. Siebenaler 70 2. Haller 70
3. Groesteen 105
4. Haller 138

latest version of the course here

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