La 22ème Charly Gaul - 4 septembre 2011 - Echternach


Echternach is a touristic town in the East of the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg in the region of the "Small Luxemburgish Switzerland" and in the Luxemburgish-German National parc. Please visit the internet site of the municipality of Echternach to have more informations. Echternach is about 30 kilometers away from the capital Luxemburg.

Map: acc contern

To arrive there, you can take the A1 motorway and the N11 National road from the capital, or the N10 National road coming from the East and the North of the country, by following the signs ECHTERNACH. If you want to come to Echternach by bus, you can find a time-table by using the following link www.mobiliteit.lu Start and Finish of La Charly Gaul are located in the center of the town, on the market place (place du Marché) next to the Basilika church.


Please follow the parking guidance system of the municipality of Echternach, which will take you to parking spots with empty places. We advise you to use the parking place ROAM as well as the spots at the recreative centrum at the lake. They are situated on the route de Luxembourg, at the entry of Echternach when coming from Luxemburg. Near to the start-finish area, there are some more parking places called "GARE", "PARC" and "ABBAYE", which can be accessed easily through the rue de la Gare when coming from Diekirch, and the parking "KACK", which can be reached through the rue du Pont when coming from Wasserbillig. (see map below).

Showers, changing rooms and registration:

Showers and changing rooms are in the Sports Centrum (Centre Sportif) of Echternach (next to the bus-station in the rue de la Gare). Registration is in the cultural centrum "Trifolion" (porte Saint Willibrord), next to the Basilika-church and near the Start-Finish area.

Map: ACC Contern